Ruthless efficiency

While the NHS is well known to be bureaucratic and wasteful, the private sector is equally well known for rooting out bureaucracy in order to be ruthlessly efficient in its pursuit of profit.

Really? Someone forwarded this delightful memo that was sent to private sector providers recently…

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A Council of Governors meeting

Category: 2getherI rarely write about meetings of the Council of Governors of 2gether NHS Foundation Trust. This is mainly because there’s so much to write about that I shirk the task altogether. Maybe it will be better if I stick to the main issues and ignore the rest. Here are some thoughts about a Council meeting that discussed care plans and the re-appointment of the Chair.

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An NHS Citizen tale

Categoty: NHS citizenWith NHS England’s NHS Citizen project going pretty much dormant until the New Year, now seems like a good time to look at where it’s got to. Here’s a tale that connects some events over the past months in relation to a single topic, so as to illustrate what NHS Citizen has come to.

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What do governors do?

Category: 2getherI keep trying to write a short description of what governors of foundation trusts do, or should do. Every time I try, it gets longer and longer and then I give up. But the role isn’t really that complicated. Here’s my latest attempt at a short description.

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Living a long life?

Category: Public HealthA new online resource, Living a long life?, presents information about why people who are mentally ill don’t generally live as long as the rest of us. Early death associated with serious mental illness deserves to be more widely understood, so I was pleased to see this initiative. But I soon discovered some very considerable problems.

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Data (3b)

Engage for ChangeThis post continues my review of the online course, Using Data in the Health and Social Care Environment. The second part of Section 3 is about presenting data in a report, and it concludes the course.

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Listening more

Category: CQCA public meeting in Gloucester on October 27th provided another opportunity for representatives from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to listen to people’s views and experiences of the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust.

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