You can get involved in the NHS yourself by joining a local organisation in your area. Note that much of the information on this page only applies to England, because in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland the NHS is managed differently.

NHS care in England is mostly delivered by GPs and by NHS trusts. GPs sometimes have Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) that you can join. To find PPGs in your area, see: Putting PPGs on the map

Many of the NHS trusts are foundation trusts that have public membership. Eventually all of the NHS trusts will be foundation trusts. There might be more than one NHS foundation trust that you can join in your area. For a complete list, see: NHS foundation trust directory

NHS trusts might have other groups you can join, even if they are not foundation trusts. For a list of all the NHS trusts, see: NHS Employers

Every local authority funds a local involvement network (LINk) to involve local people in the way the NHS is run. A LINk is independent of the NHS (and independent of the local authority, too). To find your local LINk, see: Finding your LINk


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