Mental Health in Gloucestershire

cat-MHGLaunched today (World Mental Health Day, as it happens), my new public information portal provides easy access to a variety of sources of information on healthcare, with a focus on mental health, Gloucestershire, the 2gether Trust, and the work of 2gether’s Council of Governors.

This blog will continue to be the main place where I post analysis and opinion. The new portal will be a place for links to a much wider variety of information sources, with only very brief reviews.

The portal has RSS feeds and an e-mail subscription service for anyone who wants to keep up to date. For use as a reference library, it also has source and subject indexes (although it will take some time to build up a useful amount of reference material). Suggestions for new content, and other feedback, are welcome through the portal’s Contact page.

To go to the portal, click on its green banner in this blog.


About Rod

Chairman of the Gloucestershire charity Suicide Crisis, Vice Chair of Relate Gloucestershire & Swindon, and an enthusiast for public involvement in the NHS.
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