Holding to account

Category: 2getherHere is a draft proposal for the Council of Governors of the 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, concerning the ways in which the Council can hold the Trust’s non-executive directors (NEDs) to account. Holding NEDs to account is a new duty for governors resulting from the Health and Social Care Act 2012, but the Act doesn’t explain how to go about it, leaving that as an exercise for the reader.

The detail of the proposal is contained in this paper (PDF):

A framework for holding non-executive directors to account

This version is the 1st draft of the text, but with an added flowchart (at the suggestion of an esteemed colleague). If there are subsequent drafts I’ll update this post.

Here’s the summary from the start of the paper, and the flowchart.


A three-stage framework for holding NEDs to account for the performance of the Board is proposed, in line with current law and Monitor’s guidance. The framework does not cover appraisal of NEDs to evaluate their individual performance in the role, which requires a separate process.

The three stages provide for:

  1. A lightweight, informal and speedy way to resolve the great majority of issues
  2. Formal investigation of more difficult issues by a task group of the Council
  3. Formal holding to account by the full Council where necessary

The framework is to be coordinated by a governor or a subcommittee, whose duties include maintaining a list of issues of Board performance that have been raised, and presenting the current list at each Council meeting, which makes the list available to members and the public and demonstrates the Council’s performance of its duty to hold NEDs to account.


Framework flowchart


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