15 steps

Warwick UniversityThe 15 Steps Challenge is an audit tool for hospital wards. The idea is that when you first enter a ward, within 15 steps you’ll have noticed things about the environment that tell you a great deal about the patient experience there. This one-day workshop run by the NHS Institute for Improvement on the Warwick University campus was part of a project to adapt the existing 15 Steps Challenge to mental health wards.

The 70 or so participants included NHS and LA staff, service users and LINk members. LINk members were recruited through NALM and LINks Exchange. FT Governors were not invited.

We were repeatedly told the 15 Steps Challenge is not just another audit, but it seemed like just another audit to me. Service users present who had been admitted repeatedly did agree that their first impression of a ward was usually accurate, but they thought to know what to look for you needed to have experience, not just a checklist.

More information to follow…


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Chairman of the Gloucestershire charity Suicide Crisis, Vice Chair of Relate Gloucestershire & Swindon, and an enthusiast for public involvement in the NHS.
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