More suicide prevention

Department of HealthHot on the heels of the interim report on suicide prevention by the Commons Health Select Committee, the Department of Health published its own report about progress nationally. Here’s a partial comparison of the two reports.

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Suicide prevention

Category: Public HealthA couple of weeks ago, the Commons Health Select Committee published an interim report about suicide prevention. Its intention was to influence the Government’s forthcoming update of its suicide prevention strategy, expected in January 2017. I compared the interim report with Gloucestershire’s suicide prevention strategy to see how well they agree. Continue reading

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Sustainability and Transformation

Category: CCGOn November 23rd I attended a workshop on Gloucestershire’s plan for health and social care over the next five years. This is grandly named the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). To me the plan seems vague, a loosely assembled pile of ideas for short-term tinkering rather than a real plan for sustainability and transformation.

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7 More Cups of Tea

Category: 7 CupsWhen I reviewed the 7 Cups of Tea website I looked at it as a resource for anyone who needs support. Anyone can also sign up to be what the site calls a listener, helping to provide support to others. I signed up to look more deeply into how the service works.

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Category: Public HealthAfter a long holiday it must surely be time to write here again. I had occasion to read Gloucestershire’s current needs assessment for the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, although it’s nearly a year old. Here’s a brief review.

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7 Cups of Tea

Category: 7 CupsI’ve had a link to the enigmatically named 7 Cups of Tea website in my sidebar for a while. The site is as enigmatic as its name in many ways, contradictory and difficult to sum up, though I’d still recommend it as a resource for anyone who needs support.

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Category: CQCThe Care Quality Commission (CQC) has reported its findings following its week-long inspection in October 2015 of 2gether NHS Foundation Trust, the mental health trust for Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. The report reveals as much about the CQC, however, as it does about the trust.

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