NHS Citizen in Bristol

On July 24th and 25th the NHS Citizen project ran what was advertisedCategoty: NHS citizen as a design workshop in Bristol. I attended the first day in person, and I followed some of the second day online. What the project will deliver is already clear in outline, but there is much detail yet to fill in. Behind the missing detail I suspect some important unanswered questions lurk.

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cat-SWGENThe South West Governors’ Exchange Network (SWGEN) organizes events a couple of times a year for governors and others from the region’s NHS foundation trusts. An all-day event in Taunton on July 22nd brought together delegates from thirteen trusts to hear presentations about various things of interest to governors, and I attended along with another governor from the 2gether NHS FT.

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Category: 2getherMonitor, the government regulator for health services in England, requires NHS foundation trusts to submit various reports and plans. One of the key submissions for every trust will be its strategic plan and 5-year financial return, due to be submitted to Monitor by 30th June. I wondered how a member of the 2gether Trust might go about evaluating such a strategic plan, although all this is a little theoretical because only a brief summary of the plan is likely to be published.

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Patient safety

cat-NHSEPatient safety data for the NHS in England was published on April 30th, as it has been every six months for about five years. This data summarizes patient safety incident reports from NHS healthcare providers. I looked at the data from mental health trusts to see what’s been happening, and to see how 2gether compares.

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Recovery College

Category: 2getherOn April 22nd I attended a short introduction to the work of the Severn and Wye Recovery College in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Recovery colleges are said to be a new approach to recovery in mental illness, based on an educational model. But I thought the introductory session I attended gave mixed messages in several ways, leaving me unsure about the whole idea.

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What governors do

Category: 2getherIn a meeting yesterday no one could lay their hands on the actual wording that defines the role of the council of governors in an NHS foundation trust. For future convenience, I copied and pasted the relevant paragraphs into a short reference document.

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Notes from a Board meeting

Category: 2getherOn March 31st I attended a meeting of the Board of the 2gether trust. All NHS foundation trusts are required to hold board meetings in public, although they are not public meetings in the sense that anyone can participate. Members of public can observe the meeting, and they can submit questions subject to some limitations.

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